September 3rd, 2005


OMG!!!~~! L457 N1GH7 VV45 TEH 4VV350M357!!!1!11ONE!JUAN

So dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. Lots of teaching people to dance, and a good amount of dancing with people who already knew how. Not my best night for form but held my own nonetheless. I love going to dances now and being able to actually dance with my friends. Swing with chuzhuze, always amazing and fun, as I'm discovering is any dance with adsartha. I finally got to dance with phoenix_snake after three years, plus Rhinannon. returnofglitter does an amazing cha-cha/rhumba.

Then there was bartending. We decided on a non-alcoholic bar (becuase we're Beloit and we break out the class) so I went shopping with people for juices and sodas, compiled a list of mocktails, and after the advanced lessons began mixing. It was loads of fun, involved some very tasty concoctions, and got to share bar with i_am_perry. Sharing bar with someone is always an interesting experience of dodging and passing but we worked well together. It's not that I dislike sharing bar with anyone, but I think it's more fun with someone you're friends with. At any rate the two of us rocked.

After dance it was back to tower where I started mixing up the real stuff. I should stop mixing martini drinks for sharing purposes; most people don't like the taste of alcohol and it gives a skewed view of what I can do. At any rate there were apple martinis which most didn't care for, and chocolate covered cherries, which most did, and then I made the mistake of a mixing vodka in with my sprite and unintentionally ended up slightly drunk. This seemed like the best time to go to bed.

I woke up with a slight hangover, which I've found a cure for (hangovers are caused by dehydration and low blood sugar. The best solution is to stay hydrated while drinking and rehydrate immediately upon waking, preferably with fruit juice. One of those mini-cans of pineapple juice is doing wonders for me). I think I'm putting myself on hold with regard to alcohol for the next week (including the weekend) as getting accidentally drunk seems something to be concerned about; I'm not worried but I want to reassure myself that I'm in control.

Alright, shower and breakfast.