September 1st, 2005



That's two days in a row I've gone swimming. At least I don't feel like I'm going to die today (yesterday I could barely move afterwards). I think the post-swim sauna helped matters. Anyone interested in having a regular swim/sauna partner I'm going every weekday at 3:00.

QCorp called. Tamir sent them the contract but apparently my agent has actually been shopping the screenplay around and thinks he might be able to get something so he doesn't want me to sign an exclusive with Tamir. I need to call him, see what he has to say in detail (my answering machine sucks) and discuss the possibility of making the contract non-exclusive so I can at least get it workshopped but it's good news from Oregon at least.

Last night was good conversation with lex_of_green and to a lesser extent Zim. Nothing really significant (though I did learn why "Lex," even if I still can't bring myself to call her that) but it was fun to hang out with her.

Today there was flyering for the dance on Friday. Everyone should come! *glares at those who won't be here, you know who you are* While flyering I saw another flyer for a Zen Buddhist weekend retreat in two weeks. You know what I was talking about in my last post?