August 31st, 2005


Thank you Rich Wulf

I want a retreat. Not to retreat, just a retreat. I want to find a monastary and take a week or so to meditate and garden and clear myself out.

School is going well. Classes seem excellent, people are wonderful, and I feel genuinely happy. But I also feel excessively full. I feel tired and the semester's just begun. I wish that I could empty myself out, stretch my little just-breathing breaks into something that lasts for days.

I can't deny that part of this is because I'm reading Way of Shinsei in preperation for l5r. It's good but not great, mostly a game-iscized description of Buddhism for the ignorant, and as such I know the theology better than several (though not all) of the writers, but the allegories and descriptions of the roles monks play in the empire are worth reading. But everything seems so peaceful and quietly joyous. It's the peace I feel in reading O-Sensei's poetry.

Heaven, earth, humankind,
United in the Path of harmony and joy,
Following the Art of Peace,
Across vast seas,
And on the highest peaks.

But right now I feel too distracted to get into it. I need to clear my mind, empty my thoughts.