August 28th, 2005


Ren Faire

Today was a fucking awesome day. I woke up early and drove to ren faire in Bristol with dragonflyknight. Once there he decked me out in fifteen hundred dollars' worth of chain mail, collected my driver's license to ensure that I'd return it, and set me loose at the fair while he worked at the chain mail shop. A picture will hopefully be posted soon.

Now I haven't had a good Ren Faire in years. Now that I think about it somewhere around five years. Last time I went was summer of sophomore year most of which I spent trying and failing to make friends with the CSL students (though I did greatly enjoy the time I spent wandering around with thecoweyed). Before that, freshman summer, with Dhruv and ayrynkat, I felt like an awkward third wheel and was too pissed about Lindsay to get into faire spirit. The last faire I really enjoyed was my junior year of high school and even that was a close call due to Shana and Doug. The end result is that most of my previous faires I got too caught up in other people to enjoy what I was doing. There's an excellent Buddhist parable about this but I'm saving it for L5R.

This time was different. I was alone, first of all, and that meant I didn't have to worry about drama. For the first time I was able to just ooh and ahh and what was going on rather than worry about who I was with. It should have been lonely - a year ago I'm sure I would have felt desolate, but instead it was really fun - and motivating. I interacted with people. A lot. Not just faire people but visitors, chatting up random strangers and having good conversations. Nothing significant (good conversations, not Good conversations), but just fun chit-chat. Heck, I even got in character. A surprising number of women tried to flirt with me - and no I'm not referring to faire people where's part of their character - the climax of which was a married woman at the Pig & Whistle Tavern who kept offerring to buy me a beer. For various reasons I didn't flirt back with anyone but the in-character folk, but it was very flattering. A lot of it came from the chain mail, no doubt, but it was a nice boost nonetheless. I like feeling attractive. I'm starting to actually believe it.

How could I get involved as a wandering character next year?

Back at school there were people. Lots and lots of people. Some were returning BSFFAs, which was of course excellent, and some were freshman. So far the freshman seem pretty solid. Some need to calm down a bit, which they will in time, and some need to open up a bit, which will hopefully happen in time, but overall they seem like an amazing group. Though they do need to learn you can stay up past midnight. I can't wait to see who shows up to the first meeting.

A little mixing happened tonight. Chocolate-covered cherries and a bay breeze. I like mixing for my friends. I'm starting to question my original plan of starting a collection when bottles run out. How would people feel about a deal like with the printer Steve set up last year where it's one flat fee for unlimited use? If we can get twenty people $10 per semester should cover it, especially if we steal mixers from DKs.

jinxmurphy is reading Macbeth outside. That makes me extraodrinarily happy.

From Jane the Phool:

There was a young maid from Madras
Who had a magnificent ass.
It's not what you think,
It was not round or pink,
But was grey, had long ears, and ate grass.

From Alex Jacobs:

The night wears on and friends depart
they seek themselves out sleep.
But classes start three morrows hence
They'll be insomniacs in a week.

Eh. My poetry still needs work. But I can live with that for one in the morning.

Oh! Everyone should go to ren faire next weekend and see mythic's act! Her voice is amazing, as is her friend's (character's name is Olga but I can't remember her real name). The songs are great: some sincere, some hilarious, all beautiful, their interplay is superb, and they both have excellent conversational characters. Go. Listen. Love. Tip.

Edit: I was reading my friends' entries and I came across dream_speaker's. It frightened me. Is this how I'm going to feel in four months?