August 26th, 2005


Dance and La Maupin

I haven't done a serious update in awhile. Here goes.

To start off I'm slightly intoxicated. I've only had one beer but I'm also sufferring sleep depirvation and exhaustion, all at the hands of phys plant. The job ended today, and to be honest it wasn't that bad. All in all it's one of the less painful jobs I could have gotten. Still it wasn't something I'd have chosen to do and I'm glad it's done. It will be nice not having to listen to Tom try and get me to visualize my parents having sex. I wish to God I were makign that up.

I doubt I'll update this journal much during the school year. By which I mean I doubt I'll update it significantly. Memes will be posted most likely, but I signed on here as a way of keeping in contact with people over the summer. That doesn't seem necessary, and I'd rather send letters/call the few people back east who read my LJ. On the other hand, I love the sound of my keyboard so perhaps I'll update more often. Just don't hold your breath. The next paragraph does not receive the benefit of a transition.

Dancing on Wednesday was awesome. West coast swing was not as horrible as I was afraid/told it was going to be, by which I mean it wasn't horrible at all. While everything feels awkward and wrong I can at least see how it's supposed to feel. When I get to the point where I can pull people into random turns and spins the way I can in jive/jitterbug, then I'll feel I know it. Even though I can't do that with cha cha/rhumba or tango. But those aren't swing.

In any event it was great seeing guardian852 again. We had a talk and I look forward to real communication with him as I once had. It was really great seeing lerite who I've just started to get to know this summer. It was incredible seeing her in her element and she radiated a confidence and sense of definition I'd never seen before. I look forward to dancing more with her is an understatement. Also met Resplendent Bob who seems pretty cool and makes me sad I will not see him again for several months. This paragraph has gotten longer than intended. I shall split it into two above and you will have to imagine that it was orignally but one continuous block of text.

*does so*

I also got invited to an aikido seminar up in Madison. That's exciting.

And now for excitement. Awhile ago I mentioned getting an e-mail from Tamir about La Maupin, a screenplay I wrote last summer (2004). Today we talked and he wants to use it for his thesis at NYU and build a marketing project around it to shop to producers. This seems a good thing. I have to call my agent and get his opinion, but I can't see how it would be bad as he wants to contract. In any event, any contracts go through the agent so that's less worry for me. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but damn if it isn't exciting.

Maryam's here!