August 25th, 2005


Back in Beloit

I suppose that I should do a big update and say what GenCon was like, what's been going on at school, and everything else.

I'm not going to.

Here's what you get instead:

GenCon: Driving 700 miles at once sucks. The Con was disappointing, but that's more because I let my head get the best of me and spent four days psyching myself out rather than getting involved with the awesomeness around me. The parts where my brain finally shut up were greats. Even some of the parts psyching me out were great. If you want to know, ask.

School: It's wonderful being back. I bet you needed me to tell you that. People here are amazing. My job doesn't suck as much as I was afraid it would.

My room has a bar now (by which I mean a storage that has a lot of alcohol. I'm not doing anything to violate Res Life's alcohol policy). This is exciting. I mixed for people on Monday and it was great. There will be more of this as the semester goes on.

I went up to Madison tonight and went dancing with Slick, Zee, and Resplendent Bob. That was loads of fun. I also got invited to an Aikido seminar in September. This is exciting. In other news Big Bad Voodoo Daddy may be the best driving music ever.

Katrina is good people. Take it from me.