August 16th, 2005


End of Days

Woke up yet another half hour earlier than the previous day. At this rate I should be all set for my 6:30 wake up on Wednesday. The problem is killing the time until then.

I finished Strictly Ballroom. I hadn't appreciated it when Justin showed it freshman year, but I really enjoyed it this time through. If anyone hasn't seen it they should make a point of doing so. I also made an appointment to get my car's oil changed before I drive back, and was able to get myself permission to come back to school early. Sadly it involves working for phys plant at 6:00 AM for most of orientation, but them's the breaks. I'll manage.

In the afternoon I met up with lacrimawanders in Center City and we went shopping around Chinatown. She got oragami paper. I considered getting a monk's hat for l5r and a bokken to replace my current one, but declined the hat on price and the bokken on weight. Then it was dinner at Friendly's and United Artists to see March of the Penguins. The movie was good, though not as good as I'd been told, but I was glad I saw it, and even more glad that I got to spend some quality time with Reed before I leave.

After Reed's it was back up to Cheltenham to see tiredofwired. We had a short dinering trip, talked about college, life, love, the future, the past, death, and all those great things to talk about in diners after midnight. I will miss Julie a great deal. Sadly, sleep necessitated cutting the trip short, so there was another sad goodbye complete with hugs, and here I am. I should go to sleep now.

Firefly Character

I really thought I was going to get Book. That's disappointing.

You scored as First Mate Zoe.


First Mate Zoe


Simon, the Doctor


Captain Malcolm Reynolds


Inara, the "Companion"


Wash, the Pilot


Kaylee, the Mechanic


Shepherd Book




Jayne Cobb, resident bad-ass


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The Departure

Just nine hours til I get to drive for ten. Then I will be in Indie with Beloit people and the day after it will be GenCon. I am thoroughly excited.

I am also thoroughly frightened as it means the summer really is over and I'm officially in the last segment before graduation. Tonight I realized that I'm not frightened because of what's coming up, I'm frightened because of what I'm leaving behind. I like my life. I love the people in my life. And everything is about to change. I don't want to lose you people and I don't know if I'm going to have a say in it. And that's scary, damnit.

My mom had dinner with me tonight. We went to a nice restaurant downtown. I discovered that I like manhattans (though I take back the offer to make on for you, Reed; you will not like the flavor of it) and it was good to talk with her. She told me a lot about her father, my grandfather, and how she misses him. I've had so many real conversations with people in the past few months it was strange to realize that I hadn't had one with my mother in years. I was happy about tonight.

Cryptic bit: Adam, thank you. That meant a lot to me. We'll try again in January.

And now a meme. This one from Wendy:

10 years ago... I was twelve. I'd finished my first trek (five week camping trip) with my first scout troop, an orthodox Jewish troop. I loved and hated the trip, and nowadays I'm glad I went on it though I wish I hadn't. I can't recall what else happened that summer.

5 years ago... I was finally getting over my first real heartbreak and was playing my first D&D campaign. Thanks, Ben.

1 year ago... I was getting back from Canada with Jessa. It was a wonderful trip. A few days later we'd have a big fight and take a major step towards our eventual break up.

Yesterday... I spent and evening with Reed and the late night with Julie. I said my goodbyes and was content. A song played on the radio and I perceived a change.

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars... Tzedakah (Jewish version of charity, but different), house, car, finance school for some of my friends who could really use it, travel.

5 places I would run away to... Edinburgh, Jerusalem, Florence, Venice, Paris.

5 things I would never wear... A pink sweater, a mesh shirt, cowboy boots, leather chaps, and a diaphragm.

5 bad habits... Television, procrasitination, livejouranl (damn this shit is addictive), jigsaw puzzles (don't ask), impulse buying.

5 biggest joys... Good conversation, a single Good question, true friends, finishing writing something I really like, lying in bed with someone I love.

5 favorite toys... Books, dice, xbox, computer, legos.

5 people to tag: Everyone who lost the game this summer. Including just now.