August 9th, 2005


Getting Ready

I went to the library today to check out books on CD for the drive to GenCon and Beloit. I have Garrison Keilor, Peter Mayle, George Carlin, and one other author I can't recall, about seventeen hours in total. Not as good as having someone to drive with, but it should keep me sane and far from sleep.

My comic shop apparently won't be able to get Way of Shinsei for me, not surprising given that it's three years old. I may still get it, but if so it'll be at GenCon and the result of Sunday haggling, meaning I'll get it for cheap or not at all. I can live with that.

Adam came over for dinner tonight. I made sole in garlic cream sauce and brocolli with a honey and wasabi soy sauce, all served with Italian tomato-herb bread. It was most tasty. After dinner we played some DoA3 and a more than passing amoutn of X-Men Legends, then it was time for the main reason for the visit: UFC Unleashed. This is a new program Spike TV is doing, weekly shows of some of the best UFC fights in history. Tonight was the debut and they had the Liddel-Ortize grudge match which I'd already seen, the Coture-Rizzo heavyweight championship match, and another Liddel fight, this time against White (Shamrock's protege). All of the fights were intense and featured some excellent striking vs. grappling, favoring striking far more than usual. All in all, an excellent evening.

Eight days til I leave for GenCon. Only eight days.

Edit: Because I meant to include it before and am absent minded. Go me.

Come to think of it, I can't recall the last time I posted and didn't edit later. Oh well.

My ankle seems to be doing better again. I'm not pushing it before I leave, meaning I'm not going back to aikido, but I'm going to try dancing on Saturday. I need to dance. Hopefully I'll be okay for it, and almost as hopeful I'll be able to spar by the time I get back to Beloit. Fro, I think I know how we're spending orientation.


Today's lesson: one should not try to have an important conversation and transcribe transcendental Japanese poetry at the same time.

Edit: Told you. In any event, woo! I just finished transcribing The Art of Peace. Now on to Rokuganizing Miyomoto's Book of Five Rings.