August 8th, 2005


Bunch of Shit

Haven't updated in awhile so I'm going to throw a bunch of shit together. Go me.

Bunch of shit:

Friday was good. Most of the day was slow, but there was Mage in the evening. Several players couldn't make it and Doug sat in and was irritating and the game started off really fucking slow, but we finished where I wanted to and I think stuff was suitably dramatic. An NPC is shaping up the way I've been hoping he would and seems to be compelling to the players. Sadly, next session is the last and I have no idea how I'm going to resolve things. Well, I have some idea but... players read this. More will follow after Friday.

Saturday was bartending for a wedding. It was this big beautiful place called Greystone Hall out in West Chester, a ninety-seven year old estate (note: house < mansion < estate) and the staff was anal-retentive about anything. No beer served in bottles because the condensation could ruin the rugs, don't fill glasses all the way because people might take them inside and spill, don't let people get more than two drinks at a time because they might spill. It made sense but was still irritating.

I've discovered that I really like working weddings. I like making people happy, which is good for bartending in general, but I like weddings in particular. Part of it is the romantic in me, but a lot of it is the idea of taking part in the wedding itself. On what's supposed to be the happiest day of someone's life, it feels good to know that I'm contributing to that happiness. I'd like to continue this. I may check out caterers around Beloit this fall, pick up some work if I have time.

After the wedding I went an hour out of my way to drop someone off, then came home to catch a repeat of Ultimate Fight Night Live. Amazing fights, better than just about any UFC stuff I'd seen prior. The Lebern (sp?)/Cortes fight had some incredibly striking, Schwick was even faster than I'd heard, and the not-championship fight between those two tae kwon do guys - beautiful; I <3 kicks. Sadly my tape didn't work but hopefully they'll have a repeat, and it's the start of Spike actually showing UFC fights. Would anyone be interested in watching Ultimate Fighter 2 next semester?

Today was slow for most of the day. I watched a bit of the new Peter Pan which wasn't very good but I'll finish it up. Then it was over to Adam's to play Seventh Sea. We accidentally destroyed his plot but he rode it well and it was fun. We then did a plot reset so we could actually try the adventure which went a bit better, thoguh a bit less crazy because we were getting tired. I got to larp a tango scene which thrilled me (I admit it; I'm a show off) and then the game broke.

Good times.

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I Want to Dance

It's nearly 5:00 AM. I can't sleep. I've already watched late night dumb movies, I don't want to read, and I don't have the patience at the moment to continue transcribing Asian philosophy for larp. What I really want is to dance, and not the sort of dancing I can do by myself with the radio. I want to swing or tango across the room. Cha cha or rhumba would be good too (I'm in more of a rhumba mood but cha cha is still fun), and even waltz would be acceptable. I want to move, I want to be active. I want my fucking ankle to be better so I can go back to aikido. And I want not to sound so whiny.
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