August 3rd, 2005


Sky High, Dave Romberg

Saw Sky High tonight. Good movie, very funny. Numerous - and I do mean numerous - references to 80's highschool comedies but pretty solid stuff. If you grew up watching Molly Ringwald and have seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High then you'll like this. Heck, even if you just like the Harry Potter books you'll like this. Good stuff.

Later tonight Amanda and I went to a bar (God bless you $2 well-rack drinks) and I ran into someone from highschool. His name is David Romberg. We used to be friends way back in sixth grade and never really since then. He fell in with a rough crowd and I fell in with no crowd and that was that. Apparently he's graduated Tyler art school, has been managing an art gallery in old city, and is going to grad school at Yale in the Fall. Just goes to show.

Thanks to Anna and Jag

Because Jag is great and Anna usually has good memes...

If it seems like I've been lost
In let's remember
If you think I'm feeling older
And missing my younger days
Oh, then you should have known me much better
'Cause my past is something that never
Got in my way
Oh no

Still I would not be here now
If I never had the hunger
And I'm not ashamed to say
The wild boys were my friends
'Cause I never felt the desire
'Til their music set me on fire
And then I was saved, yeah
That's why I'm keeping the faith
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Keeping the faith

We wore old matador boots
Only Flagg Brothers had them with a Cuban heel
Iridescent socks with the same color shirt
And a tight pair of chinos
I put on my shark skin jacket
You know the kind with the velvet collar
And ditty-bop shades
Oh yeah
I took a fresh pack of Luckies
And a mint called Sen-Sen
My old man's Trojans
And his Old Spice after shave
Combed my hair in a pompadour
Like the rest of the Romeos wore
A permanent wave, Yeah
We were keeping the faith
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Keeping the faith
You can get just so much
From a good thing
You can linger too long
In your dreams
Say goodbye to the
Oldies but goodies
'Cause the good ole days weren't
Always good
And tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems

Learned stickball as a formal education
Lost a lot of fights
But it taught me how to lose O.K.
Oh, I heard about sex
But not enough
I found you could dance
And still look tough anyway
Oh yes I did
I found out a man ain't just being macho
Ate an awful lot of late night drive-in food Drank a lot of take home pay
I thought I was the Duke of Earl
When I made it with a red-haired girl
In the Chevrolet. Oh yeah
We were keeping the faith
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Keeping the faith

You know the good ole days weren't always good
And tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems

I told you my reasons
For the whole revival
Now I'm going outside to have
An ice cold beer in the shade
Oh, I'm going to listen to my 45's
Ain't it wonderful to be alive
When the rock 'n' roll plays, yeah
When the memory stays, yeah
I'm keeping the faith
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Keeping the faith
I'm keeping the faith,
Yes I am


Sorry for all the recent posts. Stuff just keeps happening.

A lot of people have been asking me recently about why I have the Slytherin icon for AIM. Here's why in a nutshell:

SuburbaKnght: Slytherin is the most misunderstood of the Harry Potter houses. They are not evil, a fact misunderstood not only by the readers but by Rowling herself in the later books. Slytherin could be called a house of moral ambiguity, but that is erroneous. It's not that they lack moral judgement, it's that they each define their own judgement. Just like the Gryffyndors.
SuburbaKnght: A Gryffyndor, like a Slytherin, creates his own morality. He ignores rules when it suits him, judges all who surround him, and even sits his own goals as a result of that morality. The difference is the focus of that morality. A Gryffyndor has chosen the Ministry or Dumbledore, or Hogwarts as the focus of his morality. A Slytherin, by contrast, has chosen something else. Anything else. Or even those things. It doesn't matter, but the point is hte Slytherin has made her own choice rather than accepted one of the three socially viable options presented to her simply because they were the ones presented.
SuburbaKnght: Because this moral freedom does permit the choosing of evil and because at eleven years of age few children are prepared for complex moral evaluation, many Slytherins are drawn to evil. Peer pressure from the other children makes it worse. But not all. I like to put myself in that category.

It is our capacity to define ourselves and our lives that is our greatest human strength. I strongly believe in God, but it is not my faith in God that assures me of my role in the universe, but my role in the universe that gives me faith in God. A fate we choose, a role we define, has far more significance than any fate or role - or morality - handed down to us from anyone, no matter how great their authority. A good Slytherin, a true Slytherin, understands this. A bad Slytherin merely sates his worldly ambitions. A good Slytherin has ambitions far beyond wealth or power or even Collapse )

To declare oneself a Slytherin is to say, "I am my own man. I can tell the difference between right and wrong and will make good choices. I may not be perfect, but I will do the best I can."