August 1st, 2005


Post Re: New York

Great weekend. Even if Jess is going to kill me so she can cut out my brain and fuse it with her own that she might live my memories.

Saturday afternoon I began the trek up to New York. Septa was as good as it ever is, though NJ Transit was problematic. They decided to have an equipment failure that delayed the train half an hour. Ah well, at least we made up most of it en route, only arriving ten minutes late. After some initial confusion involving cell phones and an excellent Marx Brothers-ish moment, I located feodoric and phoenix_snake and we set off through the city.

After two trains we got to a street of Indian restaurants. Some I recognized from when I was in New York with katsujenkin, chuzhuzhe, and dream_speaker, including a disappointing Afghan restaurant, but the place we ate at was new to all of us. We checked out the menu from the street and were going to pass it by when the owner showed Maryam his super, secret, seven-courses-for-eight-bucks menu. So we had a seven course meal for eight dollars. It was tasty. Biryani = good. Plus dinner provided a good time to talk to Russell and Maryam and catch up with them. Much good.

Following dinner we retired to Russell's apartment where sadly we did not get to see a rapping Chasidic Jew, but there's always hope. Instead we read, watched some bad restaurant shows on New York semi-public access, hung out, and read some more. Then it was time for Rocky.

Now Rocky Horror Picture Show may have started in Los Angeles but it didn't really start until New York. That's where the first callbacks came from, the first floor show. New York is it. While the original theater is gone, and none of the original cast participates anymore, as far as I can gather the cast we saw is the direct descendant of the original. They were good, real good. The actors had their parts down tight, they had actual lighting, I even picked up a new callback.

But none of that compares to the preshow.

First they had a great choreographed, paired "dance" routine to a song called "Prison Bitch." I don't need to tell you how that went. Then one of the cast members did a perfect dance version of the Numa Numa song. Every beat, every facial expression, he was on. It was very impressive. Jess, you should be jealous. Please don't eat my brain.

Afterwards we crashed at Russell's, watched him play a bit of Soul Calibur II, then went to sleep. There were breakfast burritos in the morning, then more NJ Transit and Septa til I got home. Exhausted. Utterly, utterly exhausted. So naturally this was good time to go drinking.

After a quick (long) shower I met up with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend at a local bar that was having a rockabilly night. The band was great. Powerful stuff. I also had two bay breezes. Girly drinks, though I like them. I'm ashamed to say that I was about ready to pass out after just two of them. Sleep was pushed away, however, and I made it home. I love my family.

A bit later, after the alcohol had worn off though the exhuastion hadn't, tiredofwired and I went out dinering. It was good and even though I can't say what's going on with her I'm really happy for her about stuff. Go Julie! She also gave me some really good help brainstorming on my current screenplay and some pictures from highschool. Brought up a lot of memories.

Alright, I'm wiped. That's all for now.