July 25th, 2005


First Time With Fish

Saw tiredofwired today and we began our Buffy marathoning. Only got through the first two episodes before she had to go, but we will resume tomorrow for hopefully a longer stretch. This was followed by grocery shopping and calling mythic who has exciting news I won't be spoiling for her, but hopefully she'll be making an announcement soon.

After the call I made dinner, spinach with toasted pine nuts and raisins and Atlantic sole sauteed in a heavy cream garlic sauce. The spinach didn't come out so well (burnt the pine nuts) but the sole... to properly express how good this fish was would require the use of a number of sexual metaphors, but trust me when I say it was damn good. Oh man was it good. With this I drank a delightful sweet Italian white and watched The Incredibles.

This is what I call a good day.