July 19th, 2005



The following is a transcript of a conversation that occurred tonight, or at least as best as I can reconstruct it from memory.

Alex: Do you really think I have a problem with you?*

Shana: I think you absolutely hate me.

Alex: I don't hate you. In case you hadn't realized it, I got over you years ago. Whatever hurt you caused me I've accepted as part of the fact we were seventeen and people are idiots in highschool. I long ago forgave you for anything you needed my forgiveness for, but you were making me really angry at the movie shoot with your taunts that I should want to hurt you. I don't, but I don't appreciate your suggestions that I'm that petty. You have a clean slate with me now, and if you want to be friends we can be, and if you don't we can avoid each other, but please treat me with some respect.

Shana: Okay. --walks away--

There was a slightly more hopeful follow up that I don't feel like transcribing now that occurred about an hour later. We'll see what happens.

*This is in reference to the events of June 18.