July 18th, 2005


Batman Begins

First off, a big thanks to everyone who's listened to me whine these past two days. It is greatly appreciated and makes things much better.

Second, even though he doesn't read this, a big thanks to Danfish who lent me Halfblood Prince (my copy is in Beloit; it's a long and tragic story that may be reaccounted at a later date, but probably not. Ask if you want to know). It was just the distraction that I needed.

Third, I saw Batman Begins tonight. Yes, I know I was supposed to have seen this awhile ago, but with the state of my finances it was either movies or dancing and I think I made the right choice. With my tips yesterday and my state of mind, I was more than willing to treat myself to a film. Given that it's been awhile since I blathered on about a movie, blathering commences below, cut in case anyone else is lame like me and hasn't seen the movie but doesn't want spoilers.

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In other news by complete coincidence I seem to be dressed like my new Def Jam character. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Demon in my Watch

A week ago a demon decided to possess my watch. This upset me at first but I learned to bind him and now he can do my no harm provided I don't listen to him too closely. This isn't too difficult as he seems more prone to violence than chicanery or temptation. Still I am somewhat concerned that an old scar on that hand has suddenly begun to heal. Initiatlly I'd planned to exorcise him, but since I figured out the binding I'd decided to let him stay as he wasn't doing any harm. Now, though I'm wondering how far his influence reaches. On the other hand I'm starting to discover parts of his Name, so the situation may be in hand. I must be careful not to get prideful.