July 16th, 2005


Mage: The Musical

So tonight was the night. The big night. The night I'd been waiting for for two weeks.

No, I'm not talking about Harry Potter.

Tonight was Mage: The Musical. Yes, you read that right. Ladies and gentleman (there's only one and the rest of you are just guys. I'll let you guess who the gentleman is), I present a new form of roleplaying: musical. Now this isn't as crazy as it sounds. Here's how it worked: early in the game I performed a song and dance number of Billy Joel's "Easy Money." From that point on, anytime someone did a substantial musical performance that was somehow related to what was going on in game, they got an experience point. A substantial performance generally meant at least one verse and one chorus, and it had to either be sung, sung to a CD, or lip-synched to a CD with dancing. It was a lot of fun, and kind of crazy. I got to sing about how tiredofwired is a slut, how all I want is money without any substantial work, and then get my white boy thing on as I rapped Eminem's "Mosh." Other people sang other songs, including a few good group singalongs.

So how'd the whole thing go down? It was a lot of fun, but didn't work quite as well as I hoped. CDs took longer to load than anticipated, Danfish kept trying to hog the spotlight, and while I had several appropriate acts lined up the other players were in the dark since they didn't know what the plot would bring. I can correct for the last two, which makes me want to try again. Would anyone in Beloit be interested?
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