July 11th, 2005


Up Late With TiredofWired

It's 5:08 AM. I was about ready to head to sleep at 1:00 when tiredofwired called, seemingly upset about something. Given that 1:00 AM phone calls generally precipitate something wrong I headed out to see her, only to find it was just general upsetness combined with near-certain knowledge I would be awake. This was relieving. Ironically, she ended up comforting and consoling me about my late head issues (see guilt below), even if I couldn't tell her what they were. Nothing has been resolved, but it was helpful nonetheless just to have someone nearby who cared and could hug me and say they thought I was still a good person.

Here's an lj user poll.

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Are you male or female?
Pick your favorite fairytale of these:
Who do you root for?
Aurora's dress should be...
Do they really live happily ever after?
The beautiful Princess locked in a tower, waiting for her Prince.lerite
The handsome, sword-wielding Prince, who lusts after the Princess.titlecharacter
The evil witch with an insanely annoying laugh and a dumb animal sidekick.thecoweyed
Above mentioned dumb animal sidekick. But cute and furry nonetheless. ^^terrie01
The feminist princess who escapes the tower, slays a dragon, and passionately takes the Prince.miaret
The comic relief. Enjoys running into trees, getting stomped on by dragons... hey, it's a life.mythic
The sexually frustrated King, who secretly lusts after the neighboring kingdom's Princess.vicalis
Chance that you will all live happily ever after:
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I'm amazed at how well this works. Ben, Teresa, and Robyn all seem like they could step into their assigned roles at a moment's notice, and Victoria even more so.

Does anyone have an interest in learning how to make layered shots next semester?

Edit: I feel wierd saying that I don't believe in happy endings. I'd like to clarify, if people will permit me. It's not that I don't believe in winning or happiness, I simply don't believe in endings. Please permit me to quote from the end of fairytale I wrote recently:

“Grab on,” shouted Nikola, and she seized a foot, and the queen did likewise. They pressed their faces into the burnished metal, and felt the metal shake as the phoenix of iron beat her wings and flew up, up through the roof of the palace and into the waiting sky.

It is here that the tale ends and we must leave Nikola.

It would be nice to say she lived happily ever after, but there is no way to be sure. Perhaps she kept from looking down and was rewarded for her obedience, though what reward could she of at this point save a safe flight? Or perhaps she looked down, saw the entire world laid out beneath her, and went on to become a great heroine; Nikola would not be the first heroine to profit from disregarding timid instructions. Perhaps the phoenix showered Nikola’s father with gold feathers, or she may have devoured the money lender. But she could just as easily have flown off alone, leaving Peter to rot in prison. And what of the queen? Did she fall in love with Nikola’s father or was it a strained household? For that matter what kind of mother was she? And what of the kind? Or the disgraced knight? Whatever is to become of the midwife, Malka, or the witch? How does it end?

There is not happily ever after. The king learned it and now so have you. Even getting everything you want leads only to new questions. And that means new wants. Journeys never really end, only quests. Perhaps Nikola has learned this too and she shall guide someone else on his quest.

He is hatching now.