July 6th, 2005



Katelyn called tonight in the early evening to invite me to hang out with her and Danfish. I declined because Julie (tiredofwired) and I had made vague plans that I knew would happen at some point that evening. Shortly before midnight Julie called and we went dinering. It was well worth the wait.

We sat in Tiffany's for three hours drinking coffee (oh you lied when you told me it was decaf! You lied so hard that my hands are vibrating from all the caffine!) and tea and eating French fries. Great conversation ensued. Great conversation on a number of personal subjects and just getting reaquainted with each other's lives. The past three weeks have been nothing short of revelatory for me and I'm glad Julie is a part of that. I hope she and Aaron can come dancing on Saturday.

In other news I am afraid I will have to cancel Mage this Friday as I'm scheduled for bartender training for a caterer. I don't know how late it will go but I'd like to make plans for some sort of entertainment afterwards. Philly people, any ideas?

The game will be pushed back to next week. I'm very excited about next session, though I won't say why here. If it goes well, I hope to introduce this gaming style to Beloit. I also hope that it does go well and that I don't embarass myself horribly. At least I have another week to prepare.

And that, as they say, will be all.
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Fictional Character Sex Meme

Fictional character sex meme. Why should the girls get all the fun?

In no particular order

1. Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Angel/Malcom (Angel/Firefly. They're the same character and you know it, though I still think David Boreanaz is hotter).
3. Selene (Underworld. Looking at Kate Beckinsale was the only thing that made that movie bearable)
4. Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean)
5. Dax, Jadzia or Ezri (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
6. James Bond, any of them (Insert random Bond film here)
7. Fey (Cowboy Beebop)
8. Catherine Banning (The Thomas Crowne Affair. Fuck you all for saying Rene Russo wasn't attractive in that movie)
9. Amanda Shelton (Simply Irresistible. Only time I've been seriously attracted to Sarah Michelle Gellar)
10. Jareth, the Goblin King (Labyrinth)

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