July 5th, 2005



Man what a great weekend.

Sunday was Dan's cast party for Jabberwocky. Caitlin was late, and Reed, Shana, and Heather hadn't shown by the time I had to leave, and I ended up sleeping through most of the party anyway, but the film came out great. Beloiters will be made to sit through it, but I'm fairly certain you'll all enjoy it. A lot. Raina, I'm looking at you.

After cast party it was down to Deleware to see Dessa. Now I've missed Dessa a great deal since graduation. She's one of those people who makes me extraodrinarily happy just by being around her, so when I got there after a three hour drive and her grandmother refused to let me drive back that night at 2:00 AM, I was just as happy to stay another day for more Dessaness. Last night we went to the boardwalk, ate funnelcake, and went on a roller coaster. Today I went fishing with her, her mother, grandfather, uncle, and second cousin, and later watched fireworks with them. Much cuddling happened. This has been the best Fourth of July I've had in six or seven years, if not ever. For those of you who've never had a chance to meet them, Dessa's family is awesome.

The drive back was long and tedious, particularly since I had to take the old station wagon with the lousy radio and no CD player, but 95.7 (a new tri-state station that actually plays variety) kept me entertained. There was an e-mail from Hunter waiting which made me extraordinarily happy, though it discusses situations from - wow, it's only been two and a half weeks. So much has changed since then. I must write back.

Tomorrow excites me. There is more work-related stuff, but that means a job is ever closer. Then I may get to talk to mythic, who I have missed muchly and hasn't even had the courtesy to be online despite a perfectly valid excuse. And in the evening I get to see tiredofwired who I haven't seen outside of game for about three weeks. Huzzah!