June 28th, 2005


New Job

So I have another job. Two jobs, actually. Doing bartending for caterers. The only problem is they're not actual jobs so much as lists that I'm on to call when work is available. Wish me luck.

To be completely cryptic I think I made a mistake recently and am working on a tactful extrication. This is why I don't relax. Hopefully this will work out.

Queer eye for the what?

Recently I came to the conclusion that I like looking nice. It makes me feel better about myself: suave, confident, and good-looking. It's a good feeling to have. One of the results is that I've started trying to dress nicer. Another is I'm starting to resemble a certain reality show. Am I that metro?

I like slacks so I already had good pants. I have a nice suit, good shoes, and a variety of ties. While my wardrobe needs more variety in terms of good-looking casual clothes I'm making pretty good progress.

Yes, I can cook. I like to think I can cook fairly well. That I don't is more the result of laziness than inability. My parents have been away for the past two weeks and, given the choice of eating cereal or pizza every night and running out of money, or cooking myself decent good, I've done hte latter. I've made fish twice and will again on Thursday, Indian chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, pasta, spring rolls, and some pretty high-quality sandwhiches, and I'm not talking deli style either.

Alright, I admit I fail here. I'm spending the summer with my parents and at school I live in the dorms. We'll handle this one post-grad.

Oh man do I kick ass here. I read literature! I like showtunes! I watch indie film! Plus I can dance. Not as well as I'd like, but I can do a jive, jitterbug, tango, cha-cha, rumbha, or waltz without embarrassing myself. Club dancing? What's that?

Personal Care:
And here's the real subject of this post. Until two hours ago I did the basics. My bathroom had soap, pert plus shampoo, and gillette. I just got back from the hair cuttery (new styling, for what it's worth) I picked up $25 of real shampoo, and Bath and Bodyworks where I dropped $40 on moisturizer, body wash, special shaving cream, and a slew of other stuff. Friends, I now have product.

Not a complete metro yet, but I'm working my way there. I'm going to go make myself a cosmopolitan.
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