June 25th, 2005


Bartending Graduation, Mage, Kerri

Today was graduation. I am now a licensed bartender in the state of Pennsylvania. Tomorrow I start making calls to put this to use.

Tonight was Mage. The plot was part investigation, and part a rip off Murder on the Orient Express which I've never read and don't know the plot of, but my game involved both Murder and the Orient Express so I call it a rip. It was an extremely fun time, though it did involve revisiting my highschool Shana-inspired poetry, though I think I managed to get the players past that. We're adding Tim, a new player and friend of tiredofwired whom I met over Winter Break. He's a nice enough guy, though everytime I'm around him it feels like he's constantly looking up to me and looking for my approval.

Pretend this is a vague semblance of a transition.

I've decided not to ask out Kerri. When I walked into class today I saw her and it just hit me how little interest I have in her. While I'd like to have someone, if not a serious girlfriend, any realtionship I enter is one that will be entered because I want to be with the person, not because I want someone.

I'm actually quite a good actor and capable of being very manipulative. The latter trait I find disgusting and I loathe doing it so I actually put a great deal of effort into being straight-forward with people, being honest with them about what I feel, and my intentions. I know from experience how easily I can mislead people without intending to, including myself, and that's not something I want to do. Ever. If I go out with Kerri I will try to seduce her, not sexually but romantically. This isn't being arrogant and saying that if I'm suave she will be helpless before my charms, just that I don't want to be in a position where I'm sending those messages to someone I shouldn't be sending them to.

Still, it was flattering.

More Analysis!

I'm cutting this whole thing because it has no direct relevance on anything. I just happened to be listening to Warren Zevon today, this song came on, and it got me thinking. If you like analyzing poetry (and what else is a song without music?) then hop in. Otherwise you might want to skip.

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