June 22nd, 2005


Drinks, Martial Arts, Reed's Writing

I now know how to make such wonderful concoctions as the "dirty girl scout" and "redheaded sluts." Justin, I see why you looked forward to Around the World after you finished your bartending course. So many ideas float within my head. I will need to purchase glasses. And that should tell you how bartending class is going.

After class I went over to Adam's house. He showed me tae kwon do and I showed him aikido and we taught each other neat tricks. It was good. On the downside my watch was misplaced, but it was a three dollar Walmart trinket so it should be easy to replace.

Then I came home and read Reed's latest workshop story.

I don't know how many of you know that Reed writes. Until she expressed interest in the workshop I had no knowledge of her desire to write. Nor do I know how many of you have read her work. You should. This latest piece was amazing. To say I got caught up in it is a supreme understatement. One of my biggest compliments is when I finish a piece and go, "Damn, why can't I write something like this?" This piece did that, but I think it also provided the answer.

Many of the story's most powerful elements were recognizable from conversations I've had with Reed. Feelings, fears, patterns, all recognizable. I don't mean that the story's strength came from knowing the author or that knowing the author provided insight into the story, but it did make for an interesting interpretation. And that's when I realized the problem I've been having with my own writing since summer started: they're not my stories. I'm trying to force myself to talk about what's happening in someone else's head and getting bored with the result, while Reed takes her fear of the dark and is able to weave it into a thirteen page masterpiece because she's connected to it.

All in all a story well worth reading.
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