June 20th, 2005


Dangerous Beauty

There is much I could talk about today. I started bartending class which is going quite well. In Aikido tonight Jolee Bindo began teaching us knife fighting. Or I could talk about the tasty fish I had for dinner. But I won't. Instead I want to talk movies. Again. Yes, I know, please bear with me.

The movie tonight was Dangerous Beauty and I'd like to start by profusely thanking Robyn and Katrina for their recommendation. This was a good movie. This was a very good movie. It was made all the more so by the spirit in which it was watched. After dinner I poured a glass of wine and watched it in the delicious decadence that defines the first two acts of the film. I achieved a full identity with the film, which to be fair is not uncommon for me (have you ever watched a movie and had the screen expand to the point where you're actually inside the frame and a part of what's going on? that's what happens to be three out of four times I watch a movie), but the speed with which it happened was staggering. You end up, or at least I ended up, caring about Veronica so much that it's heart-rending.

I like strong women. This isn't some submissive fantasy, I just like strong women. More accurately, I like strong people, men and women, but it's generally more pronounced when it's women. To be fair I prefer it unpronounced; one mof my favorite parts of Mr. and Mrs. Smith was that Angelina Jolie was a strong woman, not a strong woman. Veronica was a strong woman, and yes her strength came from the fact that she was a woman, but wasn't that the point of the film? That when all of one's resources are stripped away the only thing left is oneself, and that is the greatest resource of all. Part of Veronica's self is that she was a woman, and while the form of the last act may have been weak, its message was certainly valid.

There's more I could say about htis film but I suddenly find my motivation dropping. Nothing I can say will enhance the film, and nothing I say will substitute for seeing it. Go watch it. But for the record, here are two quotes from it that I love:

"It's wanting that keeps us alive."

"I confess I find more ecstacy in passion than in prayer."

Many of the quotes were meaningful, inspirational even. Many of the scenes were. I found myself motivated by the poetry-battles to try my hand at verse for the first time in four years. I shall spare you and not post it here, but I'm very satisfied with what I wrote. Thank you to titlecharacter for his help in revisions.