June 11th, 2005


Interview and Game

I know that I'm supposed to be upset about losing the Windsor job, but honestly I've just been in a good mood. Despite job issues I'm in a really good place in my life right now. Plus, quite simply, the people in my life right now are absolutely amazing people. See previous post for the detailed list, but if I've talked to you for more than two minutes of late, you're someone I consider amazing and am thankful to know and have in my life.

As far as job stuff goes, I had an interview with the Days Inn manager today. It didn't go great (i.e. I didn't walk away bouncing into the air with a certainty that I had the job) but it went pretty well. She promised to call this afternoon but she didn't so we'll see where things stand on Monday. The interview was followed by going downtown to the Windsor to pick up my first and only paycheck of $176, not bad for two days' work.

Then there was Game and Game was good. Danfish, Adam, tiredofwired, Caitlin, and lacrimawanders all came and played. Character creation took awhile and we only got in about an hour and a half of actual gaming, but it was good socializing and it was fun. Philadelphia friends seem to like and get along with Reed who seems to like and get along with Philadelphia friends so this is good. I am excited about the campaign. After game drove Reed home to another excellent conversation then came back home to excellent radio music. Tomorrow there will be dancing which is most exciting plus meeting some of Reed's Philadelphia friends. Good times.

Lastly, as you may or may not be aware, they're making a movie of Rent. I am excited about this. I am also excited that the trailer has been posted (note: the file warns you that it has an error but it plays fine). While "525,600 Minutes" is not one of my favorite songs in the show (though it's not bad) they do get amazing props for using the entire song to make a music video of the trailer. I am unbelievably excited.