June 10th, 2005



I think Dessa might be right that it's me yo-yoing, not the summer. Do I seem bipolar to you?

I should be upset about the job. Or at least more upset than I am now. Instead I find myself in a very peaceful place. Part of this is because I may still be able to pull out the Days Inn job, but a lot of it is also because I had my first class at Philadelphia Aikido tonight. The place is wonderful, and they're not as aggressive as I initially thought, just really fast. But the place has a wonderful energy about it. I came in hot, tired, and depressed and left energized, excited, and calm. I don't want to get into the spirituality of Aikido at the moment, but it really does work. Plus the classes are amazing. I feel better now. I feel better than James Brown.

There's more to say but I've had a lot of long posts lately. Talk to me if you want more information on, well anything really. Conversations are good.