June 9th, 2005


Good Times

Now for an actual update.

Last night was amazing. I went dinering at midnight with Julie (tiredofwired). We sat in Tiffany's for three hours and talked. It was one of those amazing late night conversations, you know the kind that hits on everything: life, goals, plans, wants, histories, art, literature, intellectual type things, faux-philosophy, religion, and happiness. Julie and I seem to have these conversatoins a lot, but they're no less special for it. I realized last night that A) I'm not in love with Julie and B) I completely and totally love Julie. This is the first time I've felt completely unambiguous platonic love for a female friend and it feels good.

Today my sister and I visited our grandparents. Molly's prom is tonight and my grandmother wanted to see her dress. After the visit they took us to lunch which would normally not be noteworthy except my grandmother came with. You have to understand that my grandmother is absolutely terrified of the world, that she is in poor health and refuses to do physical therapy since she's decided she's going to die soon, and that she almost never leaves their apartment. It was good to see her doing something active.

Afterwards Molly got ready for the prom and left. I'll see her in a couple days (she and her boyfriend are headed down the shore). Then it was a quick trip to the comic book store to pick up Way of the Dragon which I think is going to be my last L5R supplement, though I may get Way of Shinsei at some point. WoD's not the best supplement but it seems to have a lot of good stories. I was browsing on AIM while flipping through the book when I saw titlecharacter, who I've been trying to contact re: Gencon for some time now, was online. I check his away message which announces that he's in Philly. Most excellent. Calls are made, I find out he got in today, is leaving tomorrow, and we make vague plans for 7:00.

I pick Ben up at 7:00. We try to figure out what to do, discuss food and the fact that he just left a country where he can legally drink, and decide to buy beer followed by pizza. Most agreeable. We drive around, find a distributor that's open (in PA you A) can't sell alcohol in supermarkets, B) can't sell beer for home consumption in the same location in which one sells wine or liquor for home consumption, and C) can't sell corkscrews anywhere alcohol is sold. The result is you have to go to a distributor or a deli to buy beer, and delis are really expensive for alcohol), and pick up a variety case of Flying Fish. This entire trip is accompanied by one of the first real conversations I've ever had with Ben. We go home, stick two bottles in the fridge and are about to get food when Danfish calls. A gathering has formed and we are off downtown to Danfish's apartment.

The gathering is fun, if not particularly exciting. Danfish, Ben, Caitlin, Temma who I'm still just getting to know, and Julie. We have to leave early so Ben can catch his bus back to Pittsburgh tomorrow and so Ben, Julie, and I leave. Julie is dropped off, I bid Ben good night, and head home. I briefly consider watching Crazy Beautiful, decide it doesn't look sappy romantic enough for my exhaustion-buzz, and decide to go up. This proves a wise decision as it leads to the second excellent conversation of the night, this time with lacrimawanders. Thank you, Reed.

In conclusion, I feel like I'm starting to actually connect to people I care about. This makes me unspeakably happy and I hope is alright with said people.

Things I'm looking forward to in the next few days:
Getting new nice clothes for work.
Starting Aikido classes.
Mage with Danfish, Adam, Julie, Reed, and possibly Doug and/or Shana.
Going dancing with Reed and possibly Julie and Aaron.
Getting to meet Aaron, Julie's boyfriend.
Seeing my sister graduate high school.
Resuming screenwriting.
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Yo yo

The Windsor just called. Apparently they don't have enough hours for me so it seems I'm without a job after all. The worst part is that yesterday Days Inn called to offer me something and I turned them down. *sigh* I'm trying to call them back and hopefully it's not too late.

Why does my summer keep bouncing up and down?