June 5th, 2005


Windsor and Thanks

Had my first day at the Windsor today. I like the place. The people are very friendly, I enjoy the boredom/hustle/boredom patterns, and the pay is excellent. It seems that I'm only part-time, or at least only part-time for now, but the schedule works. Sundays 10-6, Mondays 11-7, and Fridays 9-5. I can live with and on that. It also means I can set up my journey south (week after next) and my summer campaign. Appropriate people watch for e-mails and phone calls. Prepare for a complete change of topic.

Something's been changing lately. I've started having signficant conversations again. I don't know how or why this started happening, but since Nexus I've had meaningful discourse with mythic, guardian852, jinxmurphy, miaret, quady, lacrimawanders, tiredofwired, and most recently lerite. These - no - you are all very cool people and I'm glad I'm getting to know you better. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to start really talking to you but thank you for giving me a chance.