May 31st, 2005


Job Applications

My feet hurt. Walking five miles in dress shoes absolutely sucks.

The majority of today was spent trolling around Philadelphia and applying at various hotels. Apparently city hotels are snootier than those plebian suburban hotels because you do not apply at the front desk, no sir. You go around back like the rest of the hired help. Naturally one should not ask where around back at the front desk (as this often involves scary back alleys or going hundreds of yards down subway tunnels. I'm not joking), but should rather inquire from the doorman. Ah well, none of those front desk people got my name anyway.

Barring that bit of unpleasantness at the first two places I want (the Ritz-Carlton and Doubletree respectively), the applications went fairly well. With one exception every place I went needed people for front desk. Conan or anyone else looking for a job: check with hotels, it's tourist season. I utterly rocked interviews. The Rodeway (spelled correct) straight up offerred me a part time position, so worst-case scenario I do part time at Rodeway in Philly and part time at Sleep Inn in Neshaminy. Even better, the Windsor (it's that big round hotel on the Ben Franklin Parkway for anyone who's from Philly) seems to absolutely love me. The flamboyantly gay Mexican manager (named Angel, of course. I am not making this up) practically offerred me a job during the interview, tried to get his manager to come down right away so I could get a job offer, and when that failed (conference call) he set up a second interview for me for tomorrow. Excellent.

In other news I visited Philadelphia Aikido tonight. I like it and think I'll be studying there. It's Kokikai which is a bit more agressive than the style I did in Beloit (Seidokan) but I love the instructor, they have an amazing feel of community, and they have seventeen different classes I can choose from (my payment plan lets me do any four classes a week) which will be necessary given that my hours will probably vary from week to week.

That will be all.