May 29th, 2005


Dessa and KT's Visit

I just finished watching Simply Irresistible. I don't know why I like that movie so much but I seem to keep coming back to it. While pure romance movies don't have much appeal to me, I'll freely admit I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, but there's much better selection out there than SI. Nonetheless I come away happy every time I see it and I have little explanation for it. Perhaps Tarlov did a better job forging empathy than I realize, maybe it's a better film than I give it credit for, or maybe I'm more of a sap than I realize. It's still a good time and that's without getting into all the Mage tie-ins (it's on the Cult of Ecstacy list).

Today was very good. KT (some of you must remember KT; she came up to visit Dessa and played in Dairyland) is graduating from Swarthmore was it? Some college around here. She is graduating at any rate, so Dessa came up for the festivities. After the graduation rehearsal the three of us went down to South Street, at gyros, and had a good time chatting and walking around. I got to play tour guide, which is always a nice ego boost, and then there was bubble tea. South Street was followed by a visit to the UPenn Archaeology and Anthropology Museum, and this time Dessa played tour guide for KT and me, teaching us all about the Etruscans, the Romans, the Egyptians, and to a lesser extent the Greeks. KT was fun, but it was really good to see Dessa again; I knew I'd miss her after graduation but I hadn't realized how much and it hasn't even been the length of Winter break yet.

Why is no one online now? People should be online now.

After dropping KT and Dessa off back at their hotel it was time to head home. Finished going over stories for the workshop, answered some e-mails about it, and did a bit more outlining for my own. The 'rents and the sister were out so this was followed by mkaing dinner and watching an old Jet Li/Michelle Yeoh movie (Twin Dragons. Highly recommended. Amazing combat sequences that make wonderful use of the environment, good incorporation of multiple styles, two of the greatest martial artists of our lifetime, and a half-way decent plot) while I waited til it was time to head to RHPS. At about 10:00 I realized that while I was still up for staying up all night, I was not lucid enough to drive and so bailed on this week's show. Then it was SI and that brings us full circle.

There's more to say but I'm rather tired. I think this daily synopsis will do for the evening.