May 27th, 2005


Interview and L5R

Had an interview today. Spring Hill Suites, a Marriott place so nicely upscale without being full of themselves and good for a reference, too. Went exceedingly well and the manager was quite literally on the verge of offerring me a job when she asks how long I plan to work in hospitality. Just a year or two or something more permanent. I explain that I'm going back to Wisconsin in the fall. No job, they'll keep me on record, etcetra. I fear this is going to become something of a pattern. I think I'll start hitting up the center city hotels, see if I can find the more seasonal places that would be happier with summer work. The next paragraph will not have a transition.

I've been reading Secrets of the Dragon for L5R. I don't know why they facinate me so much. There are other martial artists in Rokugan, the Phoenix rate just as highly on the crypt-o-meter, and while I like two-weapon fighting more than most people I never play Dragon bushi. It's better written than most L5R books and has a lot of good information on the customs of the Dragon, but the majority of the book feels like an atlas. This is one of the reasons I like d20 books: if I open Unearthed Arcana there's something on every page that has a practical use in my game, even if I choose not to use it. I don't need the personal backstories of thirty NPCs, none of whom will matter in the Beloit game (assuming that happens this Fall) because the game is set prior to current metaplot. I still need to get a copy of Way of the Dragon so I can actually make my Ise Zumi the way he should be (read: actual factual stats).
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