May 24th, 2005


S-U-C-C-E-E-S, that's the way you spell "success!"

And I thought this would be hard. Mr. Sulu, set engines to hubris factor 8!

So I talk to Slick and Iris and get the impression that second or third shift at a hotel involves about two hours of actual work and six hours of boredom. I decide that I liked spending last summer writing but wouldn't it be great if this summer I could get some cash? Hence I decide to apply for front desk jobs at various hotels and motels. Saturday I make a list of about ten hotels/motels within twenty minutes of my house. Sunday I make a resume. Today I go out. Along the way I find about another five places that didn't show up on my initial search, so we're talking fifteen locations.

No, not everyone was hiring. In fact a few seemed offended that I was even asking about employment, but the majority seemed thrilled. "Yes we have openings. In fact we're looking for someone to work the front desk. Do you mind working nights?" Half the places promised me interviews, two places gave me interviews barely minutes after finishing the application, Sleep Inn offered me part time, and Days in basically promised me full time at $8.50 an hour; not the best pay I've ever gotten but not bad for two hours of paperwork and six hours of creativity.

In other news I ran into Shana and Doug at Barnes and Noble tonight. Shana is a girl who I had an absolutely enormous crush on for about five years, and who led me on to pad her own ego for the last two of those years. Doug is the jackass she dates and was for awhile my archnemesis. Senior year Doug and I actually dueled. To say that I hated Doug (not jsut for the Shana thing; the boy really is one of the worst wastes of human flesh I've ever met) would be an understatement, but one of the great discoveries of going to Beloit was that he didn't matter to me any more and that I'd surpassed him. While we're not friends I've found myself capable of actually enjoying his presence. Shana is another matter, or was at any rate, until I spoke to her tonight and got to see how bitter she's become. I know that I shouldn't take pleasure in seeing others fall, but good Lord is it a pleasure to see how disappointed she is in her own life. The fact that I was flying high from the day and the end of the semester, while still dressed impecably from trolling for jobs didn't hurt matters either. I think I'll spend some time with them this summer. Doug said they were looking for a game, maybe I'll get them in on Mage.

Barnes and Noble was followed by a brief stop at Hollywood Video to sign up for an MVP account (unlimited rentals for $10 a month; expect a lot of movie reviews here over the coming months). I got out Warriors of Heaven and Earth (amazing swordplay and costuming but disappointing plot, dialogue, cinematics, and really everything else) and UFC: The War in 04. I don't know why UFC has such a bad rap. The glitz and flash is irritating, but the fighting is top notch. I was happy this DVD had a lot of submissions people in it. I really need to find an Aikido place here for the summer.
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Now With 100% Less Hookers

Got up late this morning and went out right away to apply to more hotels. I started off with the fabulous Lincoln Inn. I cannot convey how sketchy this place was. I was in the parking lot for a combined twenty seconds and I'm fairly certain I saw at least three prostitutes leaving rooms. I go inside and there's a guy and his bitch (I'm fairly certain she wasn't paid for; she was too agressive with him) shouting at the manager about how they got a jacuzzi room and had to be moved at 2:30 AM last night (note: it was 1:00 PM at the time this was happening) because it broke down. Did I mention how the manager was behind bullet proof glass? Or how many people were renting rooms without suitcases? Deciding that I didn't care to spend the summer renting rooms by the hour and asking men if they were looking for some company, I left without applying or leaving my resume. That's right Lincoln Inn, you failed your interview.

Admittedly I did still apply at the sketchy Neshaming Motel next door, but their biggest (visible) sin was having an attached beer store. There were some other issues, but I decided my best bet was to put a high minimum salary on the application; they'll either turn me down or make it worth my while, probably the former. After this it was to some rather nice places for applications (the Radisson, Comfort Inn, and to a lesser extent one of the nicer Knight's Inns).

Seeing as between yesterday and today I'd hit just about every hotel and motel I'm willing to work at without going into Center City, I decided to treat myself to lunch and a movie. This was a mistake. The restaurant I chose is a nice bar and grill in the Neshaminy Mall, about forty feet from my favorite multiplex (AMC Neshaminy 24 -$7 student tickets and twenty-four screens mean they always having something starting that I want to see). The food was excellent and not nearly as pricey as I was afraid, the problem is I decided to give myself a beer.

Now a word of explanation here. They did have my favorite beer - Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel - an extremely tasty winter ale that's still wonderful when it isn't winter. Better than any other beer I've ever had, including that $167 stuff I got last month, but except for one cafe in Florida, you can't get it outside the PA/NJ/MD tristate area. So when I saw they had it on tap I had to get a glass. Then the waitress asked me if I wanted a pint or 23 oz glass. Did I mention that I hadn't eaten breakfast?

Well you can imagine how the rest of lunch was.

After paying my tab (great burger and amazing french fries, by the way) I stumbled my way over the AMC and took in Unleashed. This is a good movie. This is a very good movie. Except for the brief period between the initial fight scene and when Jet Li meets Morgan Freeman (why did I want to type "Hugo Weaving"?) this is one of the best done martial arts movies I've ever seen, in many ways because it's not a martial arts movie. Yes, Jet Li is in it, yes he kicks people in the head a lot, and yes Yuen Wo Ping did the combat choreography, but the focus isn't on the fighting. It's on the people. Story starts with character and they got that right in this. I love Legend of Drunken Master but it doesn't make me care about Jackie Chan. I cared about Jet Li in this. I cared about Morgan Freeman. I cared about that anonymous red head who plays his step daughter. The premise of the movie is learning to connect, and by God if it didn't make me connect with the characters. Plus, it seems Jet Li isn't just an incredible martial artist, but he's a highly credible actor. Go see this movie. You'll be glad you did.

Now there's nothing to do but wait to hear from places.

Edit: I got an e-mail from Tamir. Tamir is a former Beloit student doing film studies in New York. He gave me some good feedback on La Maupin and is talking about developing it at some point in the future. I know it's not much to go on, but it's nice to get some encouragement right when I'm about to start writing again.

Edit: Wanda from Marriott just called. Despite calling me "Jacob" she wants me to come in for an interview on Thursday. [Palpatine-voice]All is proceeding as I have foreseen it.[/Palpatine-voice]
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