May 22nd, 2005


Danfish and Rocky

Today was good. Not great, but a solid good day which I'd almost forgotten I can have.

The day began by going to see Danfish. Danfish is taking a film making course over the summer (as he has every summer since he was about eight) and needed people to fill in for a project, so Adam and I "repaired" a bike under his direction. He had one hundred feet of film (about two and a half minutes), had to edit everything in camera, and had no sound. The result, I'm sure, is a Buster Keaton-esque conglomeration of Adam and I arguing about wrenches without being able to use words. Danfish kept yelling at me; what little acting experience I have is limited to the stage, and Rocky Horror at that, so I tend to overexagerate. Depsite his objections, I think it came out quite well, if a bit slapsticky.

Is slapsticky a word? It should be. Everyone should go out and use it tomorrow.

Following the movie we all headed over to Hollywood Video. I picked up a used copy of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for $15 (one buck more than, and no shipping fees) at Game Crazy, then we rented I <3 Huckabees (that's supposed to be a heart. Yes, that's the actual title) and got sandwhich fixings and it was good. Huckabees is hilarious and anyone who's ever taken a philosophy course or just listened to Propsie babble about postmodernism should see it. Plus Luxury 10 refused to carry it because they have deparment store corporate ties, and you know how you feel about The Man keeping you from seeing this type of thing. Damn The Man!

Movie was followed by Trivial Pursuit, then home and changing, then down to Deleware. Amanda's directions were impecable, and by Amanda's I mean Mapquest's, and by "impecable," I mean "were great for the highway driving I already knew then absolutely useless once I got in Newark and spent twenty-five minutes trying to find her house, only to discover she'd already left for the theater by the time I found it." But at long last we reconoitered at the theater, she introduced me to her friends... only to have to drive right back to her apartment because she hadn't brought her ID and the CCN has to be a bitch about these things because kids keep sneaking in and parents keep threatening to sue. But at longer last we were all at the theater for the first Rocky Horror of the summer.

If you didn't know this about me, I should probably tell you that I'm a huge RHPS fan. I have the 25th anniversary DVD, the soundtrack, the original British cast soundtrack, a VHS copy of Shock Treatment, the ST soundtrack, and have written probably about thirty pages in the past four years about Rocky Horror, not including a full-length RHPS parody script (the closest thing I've ever done to fanfic). I've seen the show in four cities (tonight was my thirty-sixth live show and I'm shooting for forty-five by December), been in two casts, played four roles, and directed a production. I really like RHPS. This has no connection to what follows, it just seems pertinent that while I'm talking Rocky I should mention that I am a fanboy.

The show tonight was Star Wars themed. There was a costume contest in the beginning (an amazing Anakin costume beat out a sketchy slave-girl Princess Leia costume), an anal retentive trivia contest (do any of you know the name of the admiral who reports to Vader in The Empire Strikes Back? Careful, it's a trick question), and the cast did everything in Star Wars costumes. Lightsabers were involved, numerous soundtracks were spliced in, and it was all very good. Callbacks got garbled a bit as a result of all the newness, plus I'm more out of practice than I'd realized and have a bad cough, but still a fun theater to be at. I was sad that Amanda didn't seem to enjoy it a whole lot, but such is life. At least she goes to U of D and didn't have to make a huge drive for it.

And that, for the most part, has been the day. Tomorrow I start writing resumes and assembling reference lists so I can get a job. Wish me luck.

Oh, and since everyone else is doing it (and my parents won't let me near tall bridges):
Chaucer: A-
Advanced Fiction: A-
Pre-Victorian Lit: A-
Contemporary American Novel: B+

I'm a bit upset with Chuck and Tamara over those A minuses (those should have been very clear As), but the American Novel Course really should have been a B-, so it averages out the same. Ah, well.
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