May 19th, 2005


Back From Beloit and Phantom

So Wednesday was up at 5:00 AM to head to the airport and go to Milwaukee to pick up my car. Wednesday and Thursday were spent driving my car and my shit back from Wisconsin with my mom. It was a good trip: Mom and I talked, I have a better since of where I'm headed after graduation, and I got a lot of time to think. I like road trips.

Speaking of where I'm headed: looks like Charlottesville. I'm sad I won't be rooming with Dessa, but the dorms are what she needs and apparently one bedrooms are surprisingly affordable. Throw in that I know more people within six hours of Charlottesville than anywhere else on earth, including Philadelphia, with the exception of Beloit, and it's a dead ringer. It feels good to have made a decision, though sad that I won't be near Fey.

I also got a lot of time to think about Phantom. I know this is a dead horse, but I've been out of communication on the latest issues so it's still weighing on my mind, particularly what Mouse said about it "not being a 'healthy' relationship" (may not be an exact quote). What bothered me is the use of quotation marks. Healthy is not a relative term. It is quantifiable and measurable and we can know with certainty that had Christine chosen the Phantom that would not have been a healthy relationship. But healthy isn't the issue, good is. We can say with certainty that Raina drawing on Kyle's back with his own blood is not healthy (cutting, by definition, is not healthy) but in her opinion it was good (or possibly Good) in spite of that. Whether the Phantom was good for Christine is another question - is Christine's question entirely - and the health or lackthereof of such a relationship is a factor in that decision but not the entirety of it. This is my problem with the entire bad boy mystique: they are not healthy relationships, but they can be good in spite of that fact. The problem is when critics of said relationships identify health and quality as the same thing, while ignoring such key issues as happiness, and when people in such relationships ignore health as an aspect of quality.

Don't get me started on "nice guys," or more accurately, the difference between a nice man and a good man.

After getting back and doing a minimum of unpacking I headed out to see my old scout troop. It was a bit sad (it always is) and a bit irritating, but that will happen. On the plus side Stew thinks he might be able to get me a motel job as a desk clerk for the summer.

It's 10:05 now. I haven't eaten yet so I think I'm going to grab a bite and check out the new Starwars.
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