May 17th, 2005


It has begun

So I spent this evening critiquing stuff for my summer workshop. The prompt was typically unimpressive (listen to the Jennifer Warnes version of "Famous Blue Raincoat" and write a five to ten page story that tied into the story somehow) but such things generally are. The point is it gets people writing and is phenomenal for working on technique. We'll do a follow up prompt and then open things up for whatever people want to submit. I should e-mail Clint (I got the prompt from a Clint McCown course I took a few years ago) and see if he has any advice.

I'm sick at the moment. If you saw me hacking up lungs in Beloit, I assure you it's gotten far less pleasant. My mother's theory is whooping cough and if I don't get better by Thursday we'll run some tests. And yes, she's a doctor.

On the plus side, Phantom of the Opera came in the mail so I spent several hours today watching the special features. There are two great documentaries on the second disc, one about the history behind the stage show and one about how the movie was put together. I can't imagine they'd be of much note to anyone who wants to act or do tech work, but if you want to write or direct I highly recommend checking them out. Sadly little about interpretation, but such is life. My main regret was that there's no director's commentary track.

Tomorrow my mother and I fly back to Wisconsin to pick up my car and things (both at the airport) and drive them back to Philly. Sadly, we we will not be stopping in Beloit, so to everyone there (Buddha, Quady, Jinx, Reed, Anna) you have my appologies but Quady just smells too damn much. Take a shower you filthy Chinese slob. And put on a damn tie!
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