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I realized why I was feeling down. This is the weekend everyone is going back to school. That means this is the weekend everyone is getting back and seeing friends they haven't seen in months or have only seen briefly. I'm sad not to be a part of that. It also explains why I wasn't enthused about dancing tonight; the dance I care about is the one next week and I would be cognizant of that this whole time.

So with loneliness acknowledged as the issue and the dance canceled I took lady_fox up on her idea of a TV DVD night sooner than expected and had an awesome time hanging with her, abmann, aetrix9, and Sam. I felt a bit like a fifth wheel when I arrived and saw it was just them but they were all quite kind and made me feel comfortable. I have very good friends.

Afterwards came back here and hung out with Eric for a bit. Made the first use of the new collection and discovered I need to buy better orange juice for mixing purposes.

Katrina, let me know if you need to crash here ASAP.
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