suburbaknght (suburbaknght) wrote,

Mage Quotes

“Way to TKE the Technocracy.” - Sarah

“He has Charisma three. He can be nice.” - Andy
“But he isn’t.” - Alex

“So he‘s seeing ninjas? Are there any pirate games?” - Raina

“I’m sensing sarcasm.” - Raina
“That Mind lesson really paid off.” - Alex

“We have the girly couch, and then the masculine couch, and then we have Yolellah.” - Raina

“You don’t want me to say magic, I can say another word. You want me to call it ‘Fred?’ So he used Fred…” - Raina

“Other than the date rape he was a pretty nice guy.” - Andy

“I don’t know about you, but I think we should all sit on stoves.” Pats her ass. “I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a Platonic ideal right here.” - Raina

“Dance Dance Investigation?” - Andy

“Forget about Minster Fuhller, Tycho Brahe’s totally better.” - Raina

“Say this: the beer is on the back of the truck.” - Sarah
“The bare-” - Maggie

“I’m feeling persecution for our circumlocution.” - Raina
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