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This has been a good evening.

Several days ago I had a very strange experience. I asked a girl out and she said no (strange yes, but not what I was referring to). The strange part is that she said no because she was married. This is the first time I've ever run across that reason. When did I hit the point where I need to start looking for rings? Boyfriends I can understand and have run across before but when did the girls I'm interested start getting married?

At any rate I decided the best thing to do was go out and meet women, not simply casually as I usually do but deliberately. Thus I had my first experience tonight of cruising bars for chicks.

It took me about ten minutes to realize what a terrible idea this was. It goes right back to my previous fears about looking for someone just to be with someone. Throw in the fact that the women I'm interested in usually don't hang out in bars to get picked up and it was fairly clear I was making a mistake. So I turned around to go home but saw a flier for live music at Cafe Montmarte, a local bar, on a different night. Figuring that I'd come out for purposes of going to bars I decided to go for myself rather than for girls and hope they had live music.

Luck was with me. Not only was there live music but it was absolutely incredible fusion jazz that included a top-notch bass player and another guy on an electric organ. Throw in the well-chilled, buttery riesling I got from the bar and it was a very enjoyable two hours. I will definitely be returning there in the future.

After music I walked down State St. Passing the other bars filled with drunken patrons my previous decision was reinforced. Down by Steep 'n' Brew I ran across an old bohemian and a young bohemian playing chess. I watched them for awhile (about an hour) until my body'd processed enough that I could drive home safely so I headed back to the car. On the way I saw something that reinforced my faith in people's capacity to be kind to each other.

I'd just left the chess players when this girl, completely alone, walks by on the phone with somebody she kept referring to as Ben. Her conversation, and it was extremely loud and noticable, consisted of, "I'm so drunk," "I've thrown up twice already," and, "I don't know if I can get home." These are not safe things to be projecting to the word at large, especially when you're a physically attractive young woman walking at night by yourself. While I was trying to figure out how to approach her in a way that would let me offer assistance without coming off as threatening (I was leaning towards offerring to wait with her in a well-lit public place, one of the nearby coffee shops, while calling a taxi for her) when two girls came by, introduced themselves, and offerred to escort her home.

Seeing them cancel their evening plans to help a stranger was... uplifting, especially given some recent events.

I'm very happy about how tonight worked out.

Edit: Oh, and before I forget. Walking back to the car, passing the theater on E. Mifflin I saw there was a matinee of The Tempest tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. I will be going; anyone who wants to go is welcome to give me a call and we can meet up there.

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