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Akido Event

My dojo is having a really cool event. I encourage everyone to come, even if you don't do aikido. Information is behind the cut.

July 20, 2006

7-9:30 PM



We are delighted to announce a special training event on Thursday, July 20, 2006. Jaime Zimron and Manar Azriek will be joining us in Madison to lead training. They are both accomplished martial artists involved in promoting peace in the Middle East (see information below).

We will have 1 1/2 hours of Aikido training led by Ms. Zimron and 1/2 hour of Judo training by Ms. Azriek followed by a brief presentation on their efforts in making peace in the Middle East.

The fee for the training is $25 which includes a $10 donation to Aikido-Extentions to support their efforts in promoting peace. Please check for current information on the projects promoting peace.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: or 608-231-3935.

Robin Cooper and John Stone

The Middle East: Creating Peace!

Sensei Jamie Zimron, Aikido 5th Degree Black Belt, Salaam Shalom Aikido Project
Sensei Manar Azriek, 7-time Israeli National Judo Champion, Budo For Peace Project

While the media saturates us with news of hatred and violence in the Middle East,
many real people on-the-ground are coming together to help understanding and hope thrive.

Bonds of friendship and cooperation are forming on a daily basis in new dojos and joint trainings dedicated to teaching peace. This Workshop will begin with background on the ME conflict, reflected through the prism of Manar Azriek, a Palestinian woman living in Israeli society; and Jamie Zimron, an American woman who became a dual Israeli citizen and Arab-Jewish peace activist. They will share stories and film clips about ME martial arts peace projects, cultivating the spiritual character and activity of the modern-day "Peaceful Warrior" so needed to bring about deep change. Then they will lead us in experiential exercises (adapted from aikido and judo) to explore the true nature of power and the true power of peace.

BIO - Manar Azriek

Manar Azriek Sensei describes herself as "a New Middle Eastern woman, born into an Arab family and raised in Israel, who grew to speak 2 languages like a mother tongue, living and educated in 3 different cultures: modern Hebrew Zionist, Arabic atheist with Christian roots, and Muslim Bedouin near Beer Sheva." A natural athlete, she became 7-time national Judo Champion and member of the Israeli Judo team. She studied Anthroposophy in Jerusalem and today works as a Waldorf educator with disadvantaged and special needs children, as well as a Judo instructor in two Arab communities near Jerusalem. Manar is active in two organizations dedicated to fostering peace in the Middle East and the world: All In Peace (Waldorf) and Budo For Peace (Martial Arts). She is in the US for 6 weeks this summer presenting Mideast talks and seminars. Together with Jamie Zimron, Manar will be honored in Sacramento on August 14th by the California State Legislature as joint Arab-Jewish / Palestinian-Israeli Mideast Peacemakers.

BIO - Jamie Zimron

Jamie Zimron Sensei is co-founder of the Salaam Shalom Aikido Peace Project and travels regularly to the Middle East to bring Israelis and Arabs together through Aikido non-violent conflict resolution practice. Jamie holds a 5th Degree Black Belt and is a Sports Psychologist, Master Bodyworker, Mind-Body Fitness Trainer and Citizen's Diplomat. She is a Board Member of Aiki Extensions, the Compassionate Listening Project and is a longtime instructor for a variety of national martial arts organizations. As an LPGA Pro and creator of KiAi Golf Training, Jamie is a recognized leader in bringing holistic principles to the general public through innovative sports-&-life instruction. Jamie is esteemed worldwide for her dynamic teaching style, integrative methods, and unique ability to motivate and guide people to newfound capability and peaceful well-being.

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