suburbaknght (suburbaknght) wrote,

Dancing and Aikido

Last night I went down to Belvidere with eloael for the USABDA dance. It was a great dance, very well DJed, and neither too crowded nor empty. Darah was there, Darrel was there, Eloael's dancing has improved a great deal since the class, and the exhibitions were phenomenal. There's a showtunes ballroom dance festival in Rockford today (I couldn't go, see below) so a lot of the dancers were showing their routines. There was a truly phenomenal waltz, and Darrel is the best Latin dancer I've ever seen for a white guy. After the dance we heard blaring rock music and wandered the back streets of Belvidere until we located it's source: a traveling carnival. It was a very fun evening.

This morning I went to special aikido class. There's kyu testing on July 14 and I'm going for fifth kyu, my first belt test since I left Jessa's tutelage. I don't know if I'm ready but we'll see. Sensei still hasn't decided if I'm allowed to test. Wish me luck.

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