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Random Updates

I haven't done a substantive update in awhile. I don't think this is going to be it but we'll hit a bunch of stuff.

For starters, women. Yes I've been going out, no nothing to be pursued, and no it's not what I'm talking about here. Rather, what I find attractive. This is Krakow. The last panel says it all, though not quite as artfully as I would have put it.

Dancing continues to go very well. I'm taking lessons at Kanopy, the studio used by the Badger Ballroom Dance Team, and taught by the competition team's coach. While I still don't forsee competition in my future the class is amazing. He's actually made foxtrot fun and even somewhat interesting, and bolero rocks my my socks. Soooooooo smooth. So graceful. If tango is sex on hardwood then bolero is seduction. I really wish Darah would do bolero at Beloit. Ah well. That's what UMBDA is for.

Martial arts are... difficult. I love the people at my dojo, and the potluck dinner on Sunday was loads of fun. That said, I don't feel like my aikido is improving and I'm not enjoying katori. I don't know what to do about aikido, but I'll probably be dropping katori at the end of August, when the ballroom class finishes, and starting capoeira instead. While I've no desire to do a hard martial art, a new form of movement sounds like exactly what I need right now, and I've found an excellent group.

Job-wise I got the job at Epic but don't start until July 3. Apartment-wise, Eric and I have found a great place and are signing the lease on Friday. Should go well.

Games are going well. L5r tabletop is still on hold, but Mage is proceeding very nicely and Eric's helping me get my l5r deck in order.

I think that about covers things. Still miss people, but life goes well. I feel like I'm finally really settling in here.

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