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Back and Forth

Or rather "back and forward," but this is a better title. For the sake of convience I'm cutting this post in two with a ginormous jade katana.

One strike...

Friday: I get up far too early and get to the airport for the inevitable screw ups in Midwest's repeatedly botched ticket. I end up having no problems and doing check in in four minutes then sit in the waiting lounge for two hours. Eventually I get to Philadelphia. Mom and Dad are in New York and Molly's moved into her new downtown apartment so I have the house to myself. That evening I go downtown with d33pthought for the Lindy exchange. lacrimawanders sadly does not show (turns out she's sick) and the hall is stifling and unairconditioned, but otherwise the dance goes pretty well. My swingout, while still needing a lot of work, has definitely improved thanks to West coast. And d33p is always fun to go dancing with.

Saturday: Spend a quiet day at home and have a lovely dinner with my parents, now back from New York. Then pick up tiredofwired who I love dearly and go down to Newark for my 43rd Rocky Horror Picture Show. Cast wasn't perfect but it was a great audience.

Sunday: Having made plans with Katie to go to more Lindy exchange, due to her work schedule we decide to hit up the afternoon dance rather than the evening dance. Due to complications with traffic (I have great RAGE!!! for I-76) I'm only at the dance for a little while but we do get about an hour and a half of hang out time down in Phoenixville. Katie = much love.

Monday: Another quiet day. I did, however, see an amazing Chinese film called King of Chess.

Tuesday: Went down to Paoli and had lunch with Lacrima. We went to a cheap diner where she had an apparently amazing bacon and cheese omlette and I had one of the best turkey clubs I've ever tasted. We talked about gaming and reminisced about Fatty.

Wednesday: Went to the movies and saw the new Lindsay Lohan movie, Just My Luck or something like that. It was silly, but all in all pretty decent. Worth watching for a few silly jokes, but as a rental.

Thursday: Saw Lacrima again. We watched a movie, had brownies, and things were relaxed and friendly. I enjoyed Thursday.

Friday: Had lunch with my grandparents. That evening went out to dinner with my parents at 211, an excellent restaurant that has the best bartender I've ever met. Seriously, not only is he a master of his craft but he's just a really cool person and is in love with Brazil. Went dancing with tiredofwired in the evening down in Plymouth Meeting. They had several kick-ass hustle demonstrations and a pretty decent DJ. Towards the end Tired and and I danced the hottest tango of my life (sorry Shadow!). Seriously, we're talking she should be worried about being late. God I love tango.

Saturday: Went down to Phoenixville to see Katie in the morning. Watched Saturday Night Fever (can you tell I like movies?) in the afternoon. My grandparents sixtieth anniversary party in the evening. One of my cousins and her boyfriend were pretty cool, other cousin spoke eight times the entire evening, only one of which was a complete sentence, and always in response to a question. But it was decent. After the party I headed over to the Commodore Barry Club for swing dancing to live music by the Midnight Swing Orchestra, a good band with a great forties-style lead female singer. Lacrima was there, plus Margo, Jason, and a few other swing dancers I knew from last summer. Then my parents showed up (my sister and I got them swing lessons for their anniversary last year) and I got to see what they'd learned; I was very proud. It was a great dance, even if Katie never showed up :(

Sunday: Had brunch over at my aunt's. I'm firmly of the opinion that champagne and mimosas make a great way to start the morning. Madison people, I know we're going to be doing (have you already started?) formal dinners on weekends, but we seriously should consider brunch as an occasional variant. The flight back went very well, and now I'm here.

Two cuts...

Monday: Big interview with Epic. Wish me luck. I don't know what else to say, except God I hope I get this job. That evening I start my new ballroom class and hopefully meet Jen who will hopefully be my new partner.

Tuesday: My birthday. I've been thinking about what I want to do and here's what I've come up with: Mage Movie Night. MMN was something I did junior year where each week we'd pick a Tradition or Convention and watch two or three movies evocative of that Tradition. I'm hoping dinner will be involved (read: I really want to make vanilla-infused olive oil again). Is anyone interested? Is anyone interested who'd be willing to donate space?

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